I Shake it off
I'm dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go
And that's what they don't know, that's what they don't know

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taylorswift praying that you see this because I’m NOT artistic but I made this to put in my yard!

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@LizHernandez: Hangin’ out in Nashville with @taylorswift13! Coming soon to @accesshollywood. 🎥 #1989 http://t.co/yqxgfM8SfN

accesshollywood: Gorgeous!!! @TaylorSwift poses with @LizHernandez following our HUGE new interview with Taylor today in Nashville! So much more to come with Taylor all this week on Access! #1989 #AccessTaylor1989 #LizHernandez #TaylorSwift #Nashville

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Long before she was my friend, she was my friend in my head. — Lena Dunham about Taylor Swift (x)




the holy ground background vocals are not actual words!!! someone asked taylor and she said they’re just vocalizations to represent happiness!!!!! please understand this!!!!!!!!!

Finally. Closure. 



The stunning transformation of Becky while she was still addicted to weed. RIP.

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Red (the single) came out two years ago!

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So he started lifting his shirt up for me and I was like….


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Sometimes I don’t think TaylorNation realises how on top of things we are here. We will find out information before Taylor even knows about it

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Outtakes video #6! Check out Taylor showing off her ribbon dancing skillz…

- Taylor Nation

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This is me praying that this was the very first page

Not where the story line ends…

this tears me APART

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Taylor Swift 2006 > Fearless 2008 > Speak Now 2010 > Red 2012 > 1989 2014

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